Yudovich is the third and youngest child of Jewish-Russian parents. She was born Tel-Aviv in 1953 but grew up on a kibbutz and farming villages. In 1963, to her regret, her family moved from the farm to the city, Rishon Lezion, where she spent her teenage years.

Ruti is a graduate of the Ben Gurion University with a BA in Geography and Education.

After a tragic event in 1980, she moved to Los Angeles. Aside from writing, she is a tutor and personal consultant.

After her first published book: I Hate to Say Goodbye got rave reviews, Ruti was inspired to continue to write.

She is about to publish a historical fiction––a dramatic love story (The Jewish Gypsy) between Gypsies and Jews during and after WWII.


 Dreadful circumstances of World War II change the fate of a  Gypsy teenager and force her to form complex relationships. From carefree and simple life through extreme conflicts she climbs up the ladder of an intelligence agency while struggling to fit in. She hides her identity while continuing to search for her lost love. It is a story of passionate love, revenge, uncompromised loyalty and the everlasting spirit of Man.

“This historical novel took me on a journey the like of which I never experienced. Reading it, I participated in passion, love, jealousy, trust, and distrust spanning two continents and two wars. It will leave you breathless.” B.G

“This book grasps the attention without letting go. I found myself wishing it will never end.” S.W

“…we know almost nothing about the Romani people during that era. This multi-genre book brings a different perspective of this era.” B.B

“Wonderfully written by a most talented author.”  C.W