Ruti Yudovich was born in Tel-Aviv but grew up on a kibbutz and a farming village. In 1963, to her regret, her family moved from the farm to the city, Rishon Lezion, where she spent her teenage years.

Ms. Yudovich has published eight non-fiction books (so far) where she shares her over 35 years of experience in teaching Hebrew to all ages and levels. These books are user-friendly, starting with Learn How to Read Hebrew For Real, which is a self-teaching book and workbook and continuing with the series: Speak Hebrew For Real. She also saw the need to write a unique book that is vitally needed to understand verb structures —Hebrew Binyanim Made Easy, the Missing Link. And then she realized that there was another need for the more advanced students to have a reference book with explanations, examples and some exercises of Hebrew synonyms that cannot be found in a regular dictionary or any other translation machine. This book is called: Hebrew When to Say What?

Ruti Yudovich also published a fascinating memoir, I Hate to Say Goodbye which later was translated into Hebrew. Her second novel, The Jewish Gypsy, is a historical fiction. It is a gripping story of a gypsy teenager whose life had turned around when caught in a concentration camp during WWII.

Ms. Yudovich continues to write more Hebrew books in the series, Speak Hebrew For Real and is currently working on her new Science Fiction book, The Black Hills.